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Doing yoga near warm tropical beaches has been one of my favorite activities for many years. My travels throughout Mexico have convinced me that Playa La Ropa in Zihuatanejo bay is one of the loveliest beaches in all of Mexico. Three-quarters of a mile of clean white sand. Every winter since 1983 my family has vacationed in Zihuatanejo. We like it!! Join me for a week of Iyengar Yoga, relaxation, sun, gentle ocean, warm tropical breezes, and a taste of Mexico.

The Place

Ah, Zihuatanejo! A tropical paradise on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. White sand beaches. Warm waters. Palm trees. Ever drink a fresh coconut with a straw? The temperatures are usually 86 during the day, and 68 during the evenings. The sea breeze off the bay is cooling and refreshing. Seafood is the local specialty. The many restaurants in this small coastal town serve fabulous local, as well as international cuisine. They will even cook your catch for dinner. Vegetarian? No problem; there are many local offerings. The gentle waves of the bay are perfect for swimming and surfing. There is also snorkeling, scuba-diving, deep-sea fishing, sailing, wind-surfing, dancing, and horse back riding. Shopping is an experience, whether it is for a 50 cent foot long papaya, fine silver, or ethnic crafts. Come and enjoy Mexico! There's so much to do:

-Going out on a boat where you might potentially see whales, dolphin, giant sea turtles, huge schools of fish.

-Going out to the newly uncovered and quite amazing archeological ball court and truly lovely new museum, and seeing the very UN-excavated pyramid near the museum. The pyramid was newly discovered several years ago by satellite imaging, so excavations are JUST beginning.

-Going out on a lagoon in boats to visit a wildlife refuge and to see salt being made the same way it has been made since BEFORE the Spaniards came to the "New World." Quite interesting, and the salt is THE BEST! And the birds on the lagoon are beautiful.

-Going to visit an ecological park newly created as a refuge for animals who can no longer live in the wild. Additionally there are lovely water gardens, a very tall observation tower that allows the viewer a vast vista of the area, from the sea to the mountains.

-Visiting a tile "factory" where the traditional curved roof tiles are made the VERY SAME WAY they have been made for changes. No modernization at all. Hey... if something is working, why change it?

-But the best part is being immersed in a culture that differs ever so slightly from the one we live in on a daily basis. And seeing the places where both cultures have found a positive way of being.

-Oh....and THE BEACH AND THE WATER ARE PERFECT! TEMPERATURE... 86 DURING THE DAY WITH A BREEZE OFF THE OCEAN, AND 68 AT NIGHT. Pretty much beats wherever you might live in the winter in the US.

Zihua Yoga Studio

Zihua Yoga StudioThe Schedule

From 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Saturday, February 18th thru
Friday, February 24th, 2016

The Cost


Student Comments

"Studying yoga with you has been a joy and challenge. Yoga has become a part of my being and I feel so blessed."

- A.B.

"Gayna is without a doubt a true teacher who goes beyond the level of normal teaching and reaches within the student to bring out their best."

- B.G.

"Simplicity begins everything. It's simple. We rise. In gentle slumber we rest. Each tomorrow a new challenge. There must be no better place than this."

- C. W.

Gayna Uransky, M. Ed.

She has taught yoga since 1971 and was one of the 6 elected assessors awarding Iyengar teacher certification in the U.S. She has studied with the legendary B.K.S. Iyengar and his daughter Gita in Pune, India upon several occasions. She has also studied with Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. The mother of two children, she was the main model in Your Fit Pregnancy, a book on prenatal yoga. Gayna teaches yoga throughout the U.S. and Mexico, and has her own yoga studio, Sohum Yoga, in the mountains of Northern California. She teaches with inspiration and humor, and encourages her students to understand and transcend their limitations.


To attend, simply contact Gayna at: 707-923-9363
or email her at:


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Zihua Beach


Gayna Uransky

Gayna Uransky

Gayna Uransky


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